Amateur New Model – Melanie

 Amateur Melanie Hicks.

This Amateur comes to us from South Florida. She works as a waitress at a bistro in South Beach. She has that golden tan you expect from girls from one of the most beautiful places in America. She is having a blast getting nude in front of the camera. She says “It allows me to feel like I have true freedom of my body”. We have to agree she has a body that’s worth being free for all of us to enjoy. Her favorite two toys you will see her using are her Hitachi and her big rabbit vibrator.

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Amateur Milf Stuffs Her Panties

New Update – Amateur Milf

Here we find Amateur Milf Toni Faye in her hoody due to the chilly Florida temperatures and drinking some wine. She is in a kinky mood and decides to take off her panties and shove them into her wet juicy pussy! She is one Milf we can love. This Hot Milf works as a waitress a club on the east coast of Florida. She enjoys the beach and all water sports. She needed to make some side money to buy a new car and she came to us with some wild ideas. Of course we were happy to bring her ideas to life. Join now to see all her updates!

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Amateur Nude College Girl

Amateur College Girl Cami on Kinky Florida Amateurs.

Cami A 21 year old  Amateur college girl from Gainesville, Florida. Posing Nude to raise money for all her new books for the new semester. She is a kinky amateur girl. She loves to have sex all over the campus. Anywhere she says, that they might get caught. She is a self proclaim Reggae Fan. Also she has found out she is BI. Having sex with over 12 girls in school. One being a huge all girl Orgy! She does not even like wearing panties. She says she likes the feeling of the breeze blowing up her skirt and tingling her pussy. She just started to swallow cum. She likes it better if shes high. She says it doesn’t taste as bad then. The strangest place she fucked at was in the back hall of where a lecture class was being held. She said 5 people saw them. One girl even video taped them doing it. We would have loved to see that video! So Click on the links below and take a look at Cami.. she what school has taught her!

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Why Do People Take Nude Photos of Themselves?

I have been wondering why there has been a explosion of Amateur Nude photos out there. Literally millions of photos posted online. I came across a arttical posted on that trys to answer it.

“54 percent of U.S. adults participate in sexting, according to a recent study from security software firm McAfee. Sending racy texts, nude photos or explicit videos is most common among the 18-24 age group, with 70 percent saying they’ve received such a message.”

“We derive a sense of self and identity from being seen, both literally and figuratively, and valued, so there is additional motivation to broadcast the self via photograph,” Greenwood said. “In some ways the ubiquity of this photo-taking and sharing option may be overdetermining the behaviors that follow. In some basic sense, we take selfies because we can.”

“The things driving it are basic human nature,” she said. “It’s not an exclusive phenomenon of the Millennial generation. Base human traits are the motivation.”

“When we see celebrities doing it, we’re even more apt to snap those revealing shots — again following a “fundamentally human phenomena that predated all this modern technology,” Greenwood said. “Some of the trend is spread by social modeling and a desire to fit in with the group,” she said.”

What ever the reason it has made some of use that are the voyeur type very happy!

This is my opinion.

Kinky Florida

Souce: Why do people take nude photos of them self

Sep 3, 2014 03:20 PM ET // by Sheila M. Eldred

Is Maturbation good for you?

Is Masturbation good for you?

I recently stumbled on a article from the Mens Health  magazine. In which they speak about the benefits of masturbation for man. I have to agree with ever one of the reasons. Here are the 4 reasons masturbation is good for you:

“1. Masturbation is a great way to learn to pleasure yourself. This is true for both men and women. Once you learn how you like to be touched, you can show or tell your partner(s) for ultimate mutual pleasure. Ask her how she likes to be touched, too. Maybe you can even show each other at the same time.

2. It can help you to fall asleep. The relaxation that masturbation – and sex – provide is unbeatable just before sleep. Considering how important sleep is to cognitive function and a positive mood, take one for the team and masturbate before bed.

3. Frequent masturbation in early adulthood is linked with a lower risk of prostate cancer later on. Whether you masturbate or have partnered sex often, there seems to be some benefit to clearing out the pipes at least a few times per week. And if you do it more often, good for you! Unless you’re causing yourself pain or discomfort or you’re turning down work and social opportunities to stay home and self-pleasure, there’s no harm in masturbating every day, if you feel like it (or several times per day).

4. It helps you play it cool. Like in Something About Mary, some men find that masturbating before a date can help them to feel more calm and comfortable when they’re out with someone they like. Masturbation is certainly known to be a great tension reliever.

reference : Mens Health Magazine

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Amateur Latina Gets Kinky

Here is amateur Latina Morisa from Florida. She is all tied up and having fun getting a hair brush shoved deep into here sweet pussy. She evens gets her pussy lips sucked on so hard her pussy swell up like a balloon. this amateur Latina loves the kinky stuff. She can turn any day into a hot and cum filled fun time. With her hard big boobs to her sweet wet pussy, she has all the makings of a memory of wild sex you are not soon to forget!

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Amateur Babe Katie-New Update

Amateur Babe Katie is 19 years old. She gets naked and plays with her vibrator. She is a Real Amateur we meet at theme park in central Florida. She was working there. Now that was worth the ticket price! She has both Nipples pierced. You would never guess this innocent  amateur looking college girl in her theme park uniform was a little kinky babe!

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Teen Slut
Never Know What You Will Find in Orlando
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Hot Teen Amateur Katie

Milf Jessica Spreading Wide

Here is Hot Milf Jessica Flashing her pussy outside her place. She said she loved the feel of the sun on her pussy, She is one Milf who loves to get naked and enjoy good sex. She has it all. Great personality, awesome body and crazy sex drive. She says she has to cum at least four times a day. Wow..our kinda girl.

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Kinky Florida Amateurs

To all of our fans out there of Kinky Florida has a new look. Its fresh, clean, fast and it can be seen on all platforms. PCs, cells and tablets . Both the tour and members area. Go take a look and you will like what you see.

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Irish Milf Molly Flashing In The Park

Here Is Florida Irish Milf Molly. Taking a walk in a local park without panties on and she enjoys flashing her awesome pussy for us. Then she squats down by a palmetto bush and stats to play with her pussy. She is one FUN and KINKY Milf. This is the kind of girl that the Sunshine State has and we are glad it does!!

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