Is Maturbation good for you?

Is Masturbation good for you?

I recently stumbled on a article from the Mens Health  magazine. In which they speak about the benefits of masturbation for man. I have to agree with ever one of the reasons. Here are the 4 reasons masturbation is good for you:

“1. Masturbation is a great way to learn to pleasure yourself. This is true for both men and women. Once you learn how you like to be touched, you can show or tell your partner(s) for ultimate mutual pleasure. Ask her how she likes to be touched, too. Maybe you can even show each other at the same time.

2. It can help you to fall asleep. The relaxation that masturbation – and sex – provide is unbeatable just before sleep. Considering how important sleep is to cognitive function and a positive mood, take one for the team and masturbate before bed.

3. Frequent masturbation in early adulthood is linked with a lower risk of prostate cancer later on. Whether you masturbate or have partnered sex often, there seems to be some benefit to clearing out the pipes at least a few times per week. And if you do it more often, good for you! Unless you’re causing yourself pain or discomfort or you’re turning down work and social opportunities to stay home and self-pleasure, there’s no harm in masturbating every day, if you feel like it (or several times per day).

4. It helps you play it cool. Like in Something About Mary, some men find that masturbating before a date can help them to feel more calm and comfortable when they’re out with someone they like. Masturbation is certainly known to be a great tension reliever.

reference : Mens Health Magazine

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